Hey there! I’m Joni, your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. That’s me in the photo, hanging out with my buddy Smiley – my 95-pound lap dog. 🤣

So, here’s the scoop: God led me into the world of Mary Kay after Covid put the brakes on my gig as a professional celebrity impersonator. Yep, I used to belt out tunes in concerts in the role of Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, and other stars for a living! But hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? Turns out, being home more means I get to spend extra quality time with my wonderful hubby, who I absolutely adore. 💗

And get this – I was honored as one of the top 1% of Mary Kay consultants, rocking my very own company car. 🚗 Right now, I’m hustling to climb up the ranks to Sales Director while also nurturing my awesome team.

But let’s not forget who’s really the star of the show – you! My amazing customers are the heart and soul of what I do. Whether you’re curious about our products, wanna host a fun beauty bash (virtual or in-person), or dream of starting your own Mary Kay journey, I’m here to chat. Drop me a line anytime! 👍

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